Seki - What the papers say...

The Times referred to her playing as being "bathed in tonal beauty" and whose "vivid colouristic strokes... took one off into a world of serene enchantment"

Ongaku No Tomo (Japan's leading classical music magazine) also wrote of the "tonal beauty" of her playing and to her creating "her own musical atmosphere through her vivid and varied coloured tones".

Cambridge Network
: Classical review

Haruko Seki, piano soloist

" 'Dazzling virtuosity' is overused in the lexicon of classical music reviews, but Haruko Seki deserves it with knobs on. She was soloist in a breathtaking account of Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F given at West Road by the Cambridge Orchestra. So fluid, passionate and supercharged with energy was her outstanding performance that it put the other two works into the shade."

Musical Opinion described her as "a pianist with an innate ability to communicate with her audience, and an eagerness to share her own evident enjoyment in the music she offered... Her Chopin exuded both poetry and controlled panache... with a power and dexterity that revealed an impressively secure technique".

Music & Vision wrote about her CD of Saint-Saens Piano solo works; "The admirable Japanese pianist, Haruko Seki, applies her refreshing lightness of touch to some of the solo piano pieces. Her immaculate attention to detail is as ravishing as her care over the larger picture…. I would be surprised if Saint-Saens could remain indifferent to performances of this caliber."

Coates concert was in perfect harmony with crowd

Enthusiastic, smiling and happy patrons walked out of the Central Methodist Church in Hucknall last Saturday, singing the praises of the experiences of the very latest Eric Coates Society Concert.
Their praises were for the highly impressive performances of international concert pianist Haruko Seki and Laura Roberts, a principal soprano with the Cantamus Choir who, along with pianist Michael Neaum, rendered the three recently discovered ballads of Coastes from 1906 to a waiting and appreciative audience.
Consequently, may I thank Central Methodist, the patrons, performers, Coates Society committee members - Ian Stevenson and Harry Smith, the Goddan family, and Joel, Gill and Alan Sanders - and the Press for their outstanding support.
Haruko provided an amazing musical spectacular, performing pieces written for orchestra, with great dexterity, fingers often a blur. Laura's maturing ability is outstanding, singing the Coates ballads with sympathetic sensitivity and emotion.
As the fourth consecutive sell-out concert, Hucknall can be justifiably proud of the efforts by the society to inform, entertain and maintain the memory of Hucknall's - and one of the nation's - favourite composers.
Geoff Sheldon,
Eric Coates Society.


The Birmingham Post described her performance (of the Chopin B flat minor scherzo) as "a stunning account from a pianist who obviously loves playing, communicating her delight vividly to the audience".

Organists' Review says "Haruko Seki demonstarated how beautiful piano playing can be, using herself almost as a human resonator to give a scintillatingly musical performance of the Douze Préludes-Poèms (Charles Tournemire)".

Sevenoaks Chronicle, of her Rhapsody in Blue, remarked "The prize  winning young pianist Haruko Seki gave us a wonderfully musical and vigorous account, enthralling the audience and dovetailing with the solos in the orchestra..."

Musical Pointers
comments on Seki's contribution to the Celebration of Dame Myra Hess at London's National Gallery "...pianist Haruko Seki (greatgrand pupil through Piers Lane of Myra Hess), for me the star of the afternoon"